Sesh Tachometer Adapter (RPM Signal)

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Sesh Tachometer Adapter (RPM Signal)

When doing an engine conversion on a chassis using a different type of signal or engine with different displacement or extra cylinders, it's likely necessary it will require a tachometer adapter to operate the RPM gauge properly.

Our Sesh tach adapters are dual purpose unit and has 2 modules in it, digital>analog + cylinder conversion. It’s used for many applications, putting a VR6/1.8t/TDI/2.0 into a MK1/2 and retaining your factory cluster. If you wanted to drop a V8 into your MK1 and drive the stock tachometer, this will do it for you

This module will allow your factory cluster to read the correct rpm of the engine. It will save time on not having to do a dash swap or retrofitting the 6 cylinder cluster and allow you to maintain that stock sleeper look inside your MK1 or MK2.

Wiring is simple, connect the labeled wires to:

  • Ground – Any clean grounding source
  • Power – 12 volt Switched Power, 5 amp fuse
  • Tachometer Input – This will be from your ECU or Coil
  • Tachometer Output – Connect this to your old coil wire, or directly to the back of your tachometer

NOTE: Tach adapter is needed for operating earlier style cluster tachometers as in MK1/MK2 and similar vintage chassis, or when needing to operate a tachometer not originally calibrated for a 6 cylinder engine.