Sesh 3.6 VR6 swap harness

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Sesh 3.6 VR6 swap harness


Our harnesses are standalone harnesses. This means you can use them in any chassis! You can install VW motors in virtually any car. Honda, Toyota, Lawn mowers, Ferrari, Rabbit, Scirocco AND MORE! Fabrication of course is always required for the engine mounts but we've made the wiring is simple!

This harness requires use of your factory ECU ( Computer ) still.

This isn't a "Standalone ECU" wiring harness. 


- Harnesses are built with Mass air flow sensor and rear knock leads extended to engine end of harness. Unlike OEM harnesses, they locate the  Mass air flow and knock sensor at the ecu end of harness. This makes the harness much easier to route and/or tuck when installing. 

Harnesses contain an ecu controlled fuel pump relay for oem function and safety.

- Battery leads are fused in the event of a component malfunction.

- The harness has four simple leads to get your engine running

1. Power
2. Ground 
3. Fuel pump positive+ lead
4. 12 volt switched “on” trigger
5. Starter switch lead 

Sesh Harness Key Features 
- New quality copper shielded wiring - Labeled Connectors 
- OE connector hardware - High temp braided wire loom

- OBD Diagnostic Connector port - Fused Power Leads

We stock these harnesses so there’s no wait needed and no core charge! 

We bench test all harnesses at our facility to ensure proper operation before shipping. If your engine or hardware has issues prior to installing our harness or you haven't verified the engine runs properly please keep in mind it can be difficult for us to diagnose your prior mechanical issues ( timing, cam, crank sensor, ignition system etc. )